Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Man Lab

The Bomber is staying with me for a week or so. Yesterday we stripped down his XBox as it had started overheating, cleaned the dust that had built up especially around the fan and then reassembled it. Quality time indeed. No afternoon that includes an emergency expedition to buy a Stanley 0-65-340 FatMax Screwdriver Torx TT10 x 75mm can ever truly be considered wasted.

I was less confident that I seemed when we plugged it back in to the mains again but all was well. There is a particular point in the proceedings where you have to stick a needle through a pin hole that is hidden under a sticker to open the case. We would never have worked that out in a million years without aids like this video.

YouTube is going to produce a generation much handier at technical tinkering than mine ever was I think. It can never have the same romance as a Haynes manual for a Morris Marina, but I have to admit it is better.

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