Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rugby Round Up

The Bomber and I are off to the Surrey A Festival at Dorking RFC today. It is an important competition as it decides what league the boys will be in when they play U13s next year.

You can see the draw at here (pdf).

The Ruts are in Group B (with Kings and Farnham) and play on pitch A. We take on Kings at 10:50 and then Farnham at 11:30 in the group stages.

My tactics would be to beat both of them so that we get to play the winner of Group F in the quarter final at twenty past one, and then play a semi final at 2:30 before finally winning the whole thing in the final at quarter past three, but it really up to the coaches to fill in the details and the boys to implement.

Ben went to a Harlequins Rugby camp at the Stoop on Thursday and Friday along with team mates Jonnie, Sid and Joe, so they should be nicely tuned up at least.

Finally if you spend over £30 on the WRU championship range at this weekend you get free delivery. I have already filled my boots and am recommending the "WE EVEN GAVE YOU A HEAD START" t-shirt.

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