Wednesday, October 03, 2012

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Dog vest with wolf repelling chili
Published: tisdag 27 december 2011 kl 12:45 , Radio Sweden 1 gillar

A Swedish man has come up with a product to make hunting dogs less pleasing to the taste for wolves - a vest covered in pockets filled up with hot spices.
Entrepreneur Calle Ekström tells a local hunting magazine that the spices are 300 times hotter than tabasco and that he has to wear a breathing mask when he's concocting the potion. It is then put into sealed pockets in the dog's vest that are designed to burst if a wolf goes to attack and rips them open with its teeth.
Dr. Ekström (whom God Preserve) of Vilhelmima, I presume

Prodnose: Hello Nick. Did you know that large flat mushrooms start life as a button mushroom, grow into a closed cup and then, if allowed to grow long enough, eventually fill out into the larger flat type we often enjoy with a full English breakfast?

Myself: The mushroom life cycle is similar to that of the filamentous Ascomycota in that following monokaryons formation, there is a prolonged dikaryon stage prior to to karyogamy. However, a significant difference is that sexual organs are absent. It is thought that sexual organs of Basidiomycetes were lost during their evolution and that vegetative hyphae have taken over the function of sexual organs.

Prodnose: "To lose one ..... may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness."

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