Sunday, October 07, 2012

Enough already

I was pleased to hear that the school put forty five points on Saint John Bosco College last Monday with the Bomber scoring two tries from full back, and Jonnie kicking four goals.

They are playing Graveny tomorrow so I wish them all the best.

The Old Ruts (as opposed to Rutlish school) were at a rugby festival run by King's College School Old Boys from 9 am this morning, so Ben has played four, admittedly shorter. matches today already.

He will also, unless I miss my guess, be sporting a very fetching shiner at the Graveny clash after getting a thumb in his eye being tackled, though I can't remember if it was London Irish, Wimbledon Warriors, Old Emmanual, or Kings who did the dirty deed.

Training and turning out for two rugby teams is great but its enough to be going on with don't you think? The idea that all kids should do two hours of sport every day seems a little ridiculous.

Two hours a day, fourteen hours a week, sixty hours a month just to keep fit. Don't make me laugh, and I speak as someone who hasn't missed a day training personally since my birthday back in June.

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