Tuesday, October 02, 2012

How Rhodes Scholars Think

Dear Friends,
For most of the publishing world, October 2nd represents the release of Stephen Colbert's America Again. But for those of you who are citizens of The Polly Nation, tomorrow is the glorious day when the paperback version of Tapped Out drops like the Hammer of Thor, because unlike the photoshopped bruises on Colbert's cover, I actually got punched in the face for mine. Basically, I'm just like Stephen, only more bloody and less funny.
The reviews for Tapped Out have been very positive. The New York Times called it "Hypnotic." Sports Illustrated said it was "A vivid, breezy read." AndThe Bleacher Report declared it "The Best MMA Book of 2011." As part of the media tour, I had the chance to do a podcast with June Thomas at Slate, banter with Bas Rutten on Inside MMA, and join Ariel Helwani for a roundtable on The MMA Beat
To celebrate the paperback release, my publisher is offering a special deal: a signed, personalized copy of the paperback for $15 (including shipping in the U.S.) to the first 25 people who email me. Tell me how you'd like it personalized, and I'll hit you back with a paypal request.
For those of you who already have a copy, thank you. Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Facebook. And if you want to tweet about the paperback release, call up all your friends, or, say, forward this email to your entire contact list, who am I to object. Spread the good news.
Matthew Polly
Matthew Polly (Princeton University, 1995, B.A., Religion and East Asian Studies; University of Oxford, 1998, M.A., Politics and Philosophy; Rhodes Scholar) presents himself to the world as an endearingly shambolic doofus in his wonderfully entertaining books, though he is clearly as sharp as a tack.

Five years ago he reached out over the interwebs with a gracious thank you when his first title (American Shaolin) won our prestigious El Grupo award (see Icons passim). Subsequently he also generously engaged the left half of his brain to answer some of my questions about Bodhidharma.

I've already read his new book, but when the email above dropped into my inbox this morning, I had no hesitation in passing it on (with a hearty recommendation) to anyone who happens upon this spoondrift.

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