Thursday, September 20, 2012

stop making sense

Cuts-hit police forces sell off lacy Ann Summers knickers and meerkat statues on auction websites in bid to boost coffers
Our auction site has been in the Daily Mail again. The Burglar has pointed out that the headline above is fairly mild when you consider that the red tops have previously outed us as drug pushers and arms dealers as well as fences.

We should be able to cope with any traffic that comes our way easily though, as the system is now running on the cloud via Amazon Web Services; pages are served from EC2, the database runs on RDS and images are stored in S3 to be specific.

When we were moving it, we put a robots.txt in the root to stop Google trawling the test version. This worked well but when we forgot to delete it when we went live our Adsense income fell off a cliff. The money seems to be coming back now we have allowed indexing again which suggests that the Google's provision of context sensitive advertising is remarkably effective.

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