Friday, September 21, 2012

Come up, you fearful jesuit

Jonnie and the Bomber are both in the school team that will play Wimbledon College this afternoon. It's Jonnie's first competitive game and, in a pleasing turn of events, comes exactly seven years to the weekend since the two of them tried out Super Saturday Minnows Tag Rugby; see Icons passim.

Wimbledon College being a Roman Catholic high school founded by the Society of Jesus in 1892, let's just hope that they don't get at the referee with any of that notorious Jesuit casuistry.

I think we can all agree that the application of general principles of morality to definite and concrete cases of human activity, for the purpose, primarily, of determining what one ought to do, or ought not to do, or what one may do or leave undone as one pleases; and for the purpose, secondarily, of deciding whether and to what extent guilt or immunity from guilt follows on an action already posited has no place on the field of play since the special function of casuistry is to determine practically and in the concrete the presence or absence of a definite moral obligation, it does not fall within its scope to pass judgment on what would be more advisable, or on what may be recommended as a counsel of perfection.

Rugby having laws rather than rules, as any fule kno.

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