Saturday, September 08, 2012

On the button

Flicking through channels before I went our last night I found that you can get the Scrum V Welsh rugby coverage if you press the red button on BBC2 so I managed to watch the first half of the Cardiff Blues against Edinburgh prior to laying waste to SW19; "the nightlife is awakening".

What passed for the commentary seemed simply to be a bloke called Rich O'Shea having a chat with his mates and responding to tweets.

It was hilarious though - a sample exchange with the audience was:
Dear Rick, I have got home late as I cut the tip of my finger off in work so I had to go to hospital. Now that you are a doctor can you explain to my girlfriend that it is still OK for me to go out for a few drinks with the lads.
Rick duly obliged. I will obviously have to study this more closely so the wolf will not be down on the fold until after the PRO12 game finishes. Around nine on Fridays I imagine.

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