Thursday, March 08, 2012

Single spies

A week and a half ago the trickle of water through my ceiling (Icons passim) became a torrent. I've finally got all the rotted central heating pipe replaced and had to go home at 2pm yesterday afternoon to get a quote from a builder for replacing my ruined ceiling and shorted electrical lighting (insurance claim 201203003613).

I couldn't get in the front door because burglars had put the latch on from the inside after gettingt into the house by jimmying the sash window at the back and breaking the frame, before proceeding to trash the rooms and make off with a lot of my possessions. This will be claim 201203011214.

The police dispatch reference is CAD4451(7March), but I haven't been given the crime number that I need before the insurers will send round their tame glazier.

I think I need a hug. If I'm quiet on cyberspace over the weekend it is because there are no functioning computers at the gaff any more.


chris said...

Sorry to hear that, Nick. Total bastards. I hope the insurance co stump up in good time & you can have lots of bright shiny new things to replace your losses. C

Nick Browne said...

Today's appointment is with the glazier. I am certainly pumping plenty of money into the local economy.

chris said...

'Twas on the monday morning, the Glazier came to call.....?