Thursday, March 22, 2012

two separate gorillas

Congratulations to Welsh flanker Dan Lydiate who has been named Six Nations player of the tournament after our 2012 Grand Slam triumph.

The Bomber identified the flanker on first sight as the "best player I have ever seen" as we watched the early stages of the Wales/ South Africa game that kicked off the World Cup campaign on TV.

Later he had to downgrade him just slightly when he realized that Lydiate in the pack and Jonathon Davies (in the same scrum cap at centre) were in fact different players and not a single omnipresent game-dominating rugby colossus.

Prodnose: Five years ago, I was a four-stone apology. Today, I am two separate gorillas. No tiresome excercises. No tricks. No unpleasant bending. Wrestle poodles and win! Play beachball!  Knock over walls. Tease people! Brush them aside as though they were matchsticks. Impress your friends ........

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