Saturday, March 03, 2012

Peter Cook: Genius at Work

the brightest star of a remarkable generation

4 Mar 18:10 NFT3 BOOK
A hapless everyman falls under the spell of the Devil in this Swinging Sixties take on the Faust legend.

Beyond the Fringe
8 Mar 18:10 NFT1 BOOK
A scintillating series of sketches, skits and satirical shenanigans.

Not Only But Also
12 Mar 20:40 NFT1 BOOK
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore star in this brilliant TV sketch show.

Peter Cook: Oddities and Rarities
21 Mar 18:20 NFT1 BOOK
A specially compiled selection of fascinating fragments from all areas of Peter Cook's career.

Peter Cook and Co
16 Mar 20:40 NFT3 FULLY BOOKED
A one-off TV special from 1980 starring Peter Cook and a host of other comic greats.

The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer
18 Mar 18:20 NFT2 BOOK
21 Mar 20:40 NFT2 BOOK
A ruthless but charismatic advertising executive sets his sights on politics in this cult satire.

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