Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A tale of two cities

As I wrote on Facebook yesterday:
After examining my conscience, I have decided to abandon my Cardiffian antipathy to Swansea for the afternoon and support them as Welsh flag bearers against Reading in the play-off. The alliance of Sparta and Athens as Greeks in the face of the Persian threat two and a half millennia ago exhibits many similar features.

Traditional hostility to be resumed when Cardiff get promoted, or Swansea get relegated.
So congratulations to the Swans for running out 4-2 winners. I watched it in the pub. One barman had bet on the Swans winning 3-1 (twenty to one odds) and one had backed them to win 3-2 (at 28 to 1 odds). Swansea's fourth goal was not popular in the Colliers Tup.

I think Cardiff are crazy to sack Dave Jones as manager. Two play offs and an FA Cup Final is not failure for City. When I was a boy listening to the football results on the radio, I thought for many years that the club was called Cardiff City Nil. They's come a long way from there.

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