Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Small Stakes

Chesterton: A puritan is a person who pours righteous indignation into the wrong things.

New code on alcohol sales to include ban on drinking games

Crime link as Buckfast revealed to have as much caffeine as eight colas.

Before the Roman came to Rye or out to Severn strode,
The rolling English drunkard made the rolling English road.
A reeling road, a rolling road, that rambles round the shire,
And after him the parson ran, the sexton and the squire;

I will be in the pub this evening.

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John said...

Anyone who is considered a potential " Chairman " or a " Mister Weights and Measures " will be subject to anti terrorist legislation and will be arrested and subjected to prolonged detention without charge.

'Three Jacks' Ali and another secretive individual known only by his nom de plume - 'Fuzzy Duck' are on a governmental, high priority, wanted list and, it is rumoured, will be the subject of summary execution immediately upon apprehension !