Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Give 'em the old razzle zazen

The headline "Meditation 'should be routinely available on NHS' this morning has reminded me that the Wii Fit I got the Bomber for Christmas acutally has a Zazen game that - in essence - challenges you to sit still on the Balance Board for as long as you can. Kids seem to be too restless to do this at all, so I can kick his butt at it simply by sitting on mine.

More momentum to the NHS endorses Nintendo Wii Fit video game bandwagon it may seem.

I haven't done much with the package personally, though I did weigh myself and try out some yoga. The feedback showing you your centre of gravity and defying you to keep it still in, say, dandayamana dhanurasana results in a surprisingly challenging experience.

(The Bomber's grandma and grandad also played us at ten pin bowling on the Wii over the holiday. I never, ever expected to see either of them playing a video game, so kudos to Nintendo for that as well.)

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