Tuesday, January 05, 2010

If Not, If Naught, If Nought.

Addressed to our elected representatives, and concerning the most recent "low dishonest decade" this:

If you can’t trim your sails to suit the weather,
If you can’t take yourchance to pass the buck,
If you can’t offer cardboard goods as leather
And then persuade the mugs to buy the muck;
If you can’t work a profitable fiddle
Or cheat the Customs when you’ve been abroad,
If you can’t wangle your returns, and diddle
The Income Tax, yet not be charged with fraud;

If you can’t learn the craft of social climbing
And damn the eyes of those who’re underneath;
If you can’t kid your friend you’re not two-timing,
Then, when it suits you, kick him in the teeth;
If you can’t run a car on public money,
Or have your lunch each day at the Savoy,
You’re going to find that life’s not at all funny,
For, take my tip, you’ll miss the bus, old boy.
In all seriousness, the only bone I can throw you from the last ten years is ..... relax, no one else understood Mulholland Drive either.

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