Friday, January 25, 2008

Dr. Wilma Shaffer

I admit that Spamfighter has an excellent range of products and has reduced my stress level, but glancing at my spam folder this morning to check that it hadn't been over zealously weeding out messages I realised that I sometimes miss the unconscious vigorous poetry of audacious, sub literate invitations along the lines of:

Your woman lived you alone because of she had done it with your mate.
By reason of she has always dreamed about enormous jang.
Enlarge your male device and you'll be popular among chicks promptly.
This is your chance to change your sexual life.

"Your woman lived you alone"; genius.
"Jang"; new to me.
"Promptly"; not the adverb I would have chosen, but on reflection an unimprovable mot juste.

PS If I ever succumb to World of Warcraft, my character will almost certainly rejoice in the soubriquet "Enormous Jang".


chris said...

shurely shome mishtake?
Little jang?

Nick Browne said...

Jang, janger, jangest!