Friday, January 11, 2008


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Campaign Game

Back a candidate and gain the support of the regions to win the Presidential Election.

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Much to my astonishment the 7 year old New Ninja Bomber has become a great fan of the US Election game above.

To the extent that the world is waiting for my reaction to the winners in the New Hampshire primary, please be informed that I can't be doing with Xanthippe Rodham Clinton at any price. The dynastic implications of a Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton series of presidencies are ridiculous. What will they do next? Marry Chelsea off to Bilawal Bhutto?

I kinda like the cut of McCain's jib though. There is such a thing as moral authority. We should pay attention when someone who has been imprisoned and tortured takes the high ground on Guantanamo and waterboarding. I admire him for it.


chris said...

ved downstairs this morning to find Dylan(6)playing the same game on Miniclip. I asked him what it was, & he replied, "it's great, you get armies, kill people & take over their bases".............

chris said...

that should read 'arrived downstairs' of course.

I also asked him how he found it, & he said it's on miniclip.

Nick Browne said...

That is astounding. I wonder what sort of world they will make.