Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prepare For Glory

The World Cup still only seems like yesterday, but the Six Nations has rolled around again and Wales travel to Twickenham to take on England this weekend.

I've embedded a YouTube copy of the BBC's trailer for this year's competition above. It's almost a pastiche of the trailer for the movie 300 that came out over a year ago. If you also consider that "Meet the Spartans" - a 300 spoof - was number one at the US box office over the weekend, it is clear that the film has entered public consciousness - regardless of critical brickbats - to an extraordinary degree.

I wonder how many time schoolboys have kicked each other in the sternum shouting, "Madness? This is Sparta!" over the last twelve months.

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chris said...

I still like
"tonight, we dine in Hull!"