Monday, January 21, 2008

Anthropology in Azeroth

As I sprawled on the couch during a rainy interval over the weekend, half reading my book, I was also watching the New Ninja Bomber playing World of Warcraft.

He met up with Rayburn - who was playing from Morden - and they took off by ship on a long and intricate quest.

I am still amazed at how comfortable he is with this sort of realm. Techy as I am I still don't get it.

I wonder if the fact that I am not - and have never been - much of a gamer is relevant. Perhaps Chris - a gentleman and a gamer of my vintage with a son around the same age as mine has an opinion? (I will pass on the message about Celts.)

One thing I certainly don't see is that games and computers are bad for kids or socially stultifying. My little one is happy in the park with his bike, a football, some chums, and happy rampaging in a digital virtual world. I don't like the implied either/or dichotomy that one sort of fun is necessarily enjoyed at the expense of the other.

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