Saturday, January 26, 2008

Contender Asia

Do you remember Peter Manfredo Jr fighting Joe Calzaghe last year? He came to prominence via "The Contender", a reality television series that followed a group of boxers as they competed with one another in an elimination-style competition.

Well the format has been adapted for Muay Thai in "The Contender Asia". Our interest was obviously piqued considering that my little boy has been taking Muay Thai lessons for eighteen months now, and I've even been doing it myself for nine.

The show started airing last week, but it's not available in the UK so I've been reduced to online craftiness in order to watch it. I really don't like pirating things, but as the official website presents the series as if it is playing out weekly - though it is obviously all in the can already - I really can't see any alternative if Ben and I are to sit down and every seven days and speculate on the how it ultimately turns out.

In the Internet age it seems to me that producers need simultaneous worldwide distribution, especially with special interest material. Then again, if I knew how they could pull it off, I'd probably be a lot richer than I am.

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