Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Hypothetical

London born, Italy supporting Welsh candidate Joe Calzaghe having been beaten to the 2006 BBC Sports Personality of the Year award by the royal Zara Phillips, I can’t help but wonder if the people of Wales wouldn’t have been better served by matrilineal primogeniture when it comes to the Royal family of late.

The Principality would have been much better of with the abrasive, grafting, sport loving Anne as Princess of Wales in place of the milquetoast Charles, and we would have been spared “the Queen of Hearts”.

Princess Anne would have learned Welsh fluently and courted controversy by using it to swear at journalists to delight in Cymru. Her obvious love of rugby would be vested in Wales rather than Scotland, and her son would have got schoolboy international caps at flanker for us rather than them.

By the 21st century she would have been the most popular person with the most popular family West of Offa’s Dyke with the succession assured by a daughter who had won World and European championships in a difficult and dangerous discipline.

It would work for me.

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