Sunday, December 24, 2006

Billy Boston

All the parks games were off in Cardiff yesterday, so I didn't manage to find out how the Illts got on against Uplands back in August.

I did however tell my Dad the yarn about the CIACS getting their first rugby ball by swapping it for a football with Currans Sports Club, because I had an idea that he used to work at Currans as well as turn out for them at cricket. I was right about that, and he was tickled by the tale.

He also offered the observation that Brian Ashton - who has just been appointed head coach for the national team (at the ripe age of 60) by England RFU grew up idolising the CIAC's most famous alumnus Billy Boston when he was playing rugby league for Wigan.

Billy Boston's is a great story (see the Rugby League Hall of Fame). He's already got an MBE and an entry in 100 Great Black Britons, but I hereby elevate him to Welsh Born Iconhood as well.

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