Monday, December 04, 2006

Fair Comment

A long time ago I changed the blog's comment system from the native Blogger version to Haloscan. I did it to investigate Trackback which - at least here - has never really taken off, so I've always mildly regretted it.

I monitor the comments with an RSS feed that Haloscan provide, but I've never figured out an easy way of relating the comment to the post it has been made against.

Normally this doesn't really matter because the comment will be about a recent post and the content will give me a good idea of which one.

This morning however I find that someone is asking me "did leslie gore ever record this song?" and I've no idea what song they mean.

If anyone could tell me how to connect a comment thread to the post via Haloscan I would be eternally grateful.

Noodling round the Haloscan site, I found that they have produced a "recent comment widget" that I can use to display the latest contributions. I've added to my template so you should be able to see it on the left. I'm undecided about how valuable it is but I will leave it there for a while.

I've also removed the auto optimising Amazon ads as they were getting on my nerves by displaying nothing but "Pete and Dud" material.

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