Friday, December 22, 2006

Good Heart

Everything slows down over the Christmas holidays, and my six year old was the only one who showed up for Kids' Muay Thai earlier this week. Johnny Boon was sick as well, so Benny got an hour's personal tuition from Woytek Nartowicz - a graduate of the Sitpalang Camp at Ayutthaya and a currently active fighter as well as instructor.

Woytek is from somewhere in Eastern Europe and after the lesson - while Ben was changing - he said to me in his accented English, "your boy has good heart, never gives up".
I was deeply chuffed. I felt that we should have toasted "Good Heart!", drained our vodka in one shot, and dashed the glasses into the fireplace.
Not that there was vodka or a fireplace, but you get my drift. There is no other accent that could have delivered the sentiment with the same panache.

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