Saturday, January 28, 2006

Wasting Away

On finishing in the gym this morning I weighed in at 85.7kg, which is exactly thirteen stone and seven pounds and means that I have shifted another half stone since November 16 and that I am still slimming down as a by product of exercising rather than consciously dieting. That must be good.

I realise that it might seem rather self absorbed to be writing about my exercise programme and its results, but I have found that a regular weblog is a great way of tracking this sort of process and maintaining motiviation.

If I do need any more inspiration and - God forbid - have to start cutting out booze and grub, the photo capturing me in my Y-fronts at a Navarra campsite in the early Eighties that Chris is threatening me with certainly shows someone who weighs a lot less than thirteen and a half stone. I wonder what that slip of a boy would have thought of the prospect of ballooning up to over fifteen stone as I did in the summer?

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