Friday, January 27, 2006

En Las Penas

An unexpected bonus of this blogging lark is that it really helps in maintaining contact with old brothers in arms. I was thrilled yesterday to receive a collection of scanned photos of our early Eighties Pamplona jaunt from Chris of Stuff and Nonsense.

It is a sobering thing to see how much one's appearance changes over the years, so just for the record, the boyband in the central group of the snap above consists of:
  • centre - a slightly disheveled matinee idol, Nick Browne (not what I remembered)
  • right - a ruggedly handsome Chris Howell (not what I remembered)
  • left - a weirdy, beardy Rod McKenna (exactly as I remember).
This by a process of elimination means that the possibly vomiting figure behind my head being addressed by Rod may be John Ashton so Sean is behind the camera or vice versa. Either scenario is equally likely from what I remember of that journey into the heart of darkness.

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