Thursday, September 07, 2023

He's quite wily, like his old man.

I insisted that the son and heir came round last night for me to give him his Apple iPhone 14 Pro. I might as well see what all that money went on. It seems an extraordinary coincidence that, for as long as I can remember, his mobile phone contracts have been arranged so that they expire just before his birthday. What are the chances of that happening (1) eh?

Sunday afternoon and evening is going to be unexpectedly busy for the family. He, his mother and I have one of our bi-monthly Movie/Mexican Mash-Ups long scheduled. Equalizer 3, 15:40 at the Wimbledon Odeon followed by Wahaca around six.

What I hadn't factored in when I put this together was that Wales are playing Fiji in the Rugby World Cup at 8pm, so the Bomber and I have agreed that we will high-tail it back to the 'Wood to watch that in the Royal Standard. (Jane is welcome, but if she comes with us to an Irish pub to watch sport, I will eat my hat.)

1. Cinéma vérité

Scott Evil: I just think, like, he hates me. I really think he wants to kill me.

Therapist: He doesn't really want to kill you. Sometimes we just say that.

Dr. Evil: No actually the boy is quite astute. I really am trying to kill him, but so far unsuccessfully. He's quite wily, like his old man.

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