Sunday, September 17, 2023

Greenaway, Myrtle, 1919–2002

Going to Mass in Eire 1951
'My AR teacher' said a mysterious email I got from PG in the week about the URL

Clarification arrived over a flat white in the Plum Café this morning, Myrtle Greenway taught him art at St. Illtyd's and was "the best teacher I ever had" despite his having no real talent for drawing. An interesting, at least to me, parallel with this antediluvian icon passim.

He copied an exercise she gave them in class - when each pupil recreated a fragment of a work (Gaugin in his case?) on a sheet of drawing paper before the sheets were reassembled on the wall as a tribute to the original - in working with the children of the community when he opened the Riverside Arts Centre.

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