Sunday, September 03, 2023

Thunder Road (thinking out loud)

I am thinking of doing a cover of Thunder Road (Live at the Roxy Theatre, W. Hollywood, CA - October 1975) with Donna on piano as she says she is a good player, for all that the sheet music goes in via her eyes and comes out via her fingers; no 'head arrangements' involved in other words. There is a proper piano at the Sultan, so perhaps we could do it at an Open Mic Night there.

I already use MuseScore for my own writing so I am thinking of paying for She can play the sheet music and I can rehearse on my own adding guitar and F harmonica to the score by ear.

I am thinking of putting a capo on fret three to avoid the pain in the neck Bb and Gm chords. On fret 1 F is an D shape, Bb is G, and  is Gm is Em. and Bb; plenty ringing open strings and arpeggio possibilities.

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