Monday, September 11, 2023

A Day in the Life

A busy, but enjoyable Sunday yesterday.

  • I went to Hammersmith to take PG shopping and chew the fat over a few coffees in the Plum Cafe. (Catholic theology and drama.)
  • Stopped at the gym on the way home for half an hour's cardio. (The Crucifixion Considered As An Uphill Bicycle Race" by Alfred Jarry.)
  • Stopped back home for a couple of hours journaling. (In the scriptorium.)
  • Saw The Equalizer 3 with my son and his mother in the Wimbledon Odeon. (Catholic iconography and blood curdling violence.)
  • Dinner for three at Wahaca; Jane told me I was losing too much weight. (Charles Borromeo: Patron Saint of stomach ailments, dieting and obesity.)
  • To the Royal Standard with Ben to see Wales hold on against a thrilling Fijian fightback for a bonus point win in the Rugby World Cup; we conceded 12 points in the remaining 20 minutes and almost lost the game entirely when Semi Radrada looked for all the world like he would score. (Someone should have been hearing confessions in the changing room after the final whistle went in light of the last quarter of the game.)

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