Monday, February 13, 2023


I have discovered since the funeral, with help from muso chum Andy M, that the scale I was using to try and get a sub-continent vibe is called the Phrygian dominant.

It occurs in Indian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Central Asian, and flamenco music. It is common in Arabic and Egyptian music, in which it is called Hijaz-Nahawand, and used in Hebrew prayers and Klezmer music, where it is known as Ahava Rabbah, Freygish or just the "Jewish scale", and is called Dastgāh-e Homāyoun in Iran. It is the most common scale in North Indian classical raga Hijaz Bhairav (Basant Mukhari) and South Indian raga Vakulabharanam. 

Isn't it amazing how your fingers, ears and central nervous system can know and implement something without your conscious mind being involved until you try and explain it to yourself afterwards?

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