Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Mattan: Injustice of a Hanged Man

Helen is reading the Booker nominated "The Fortune Men" at the moment. In fact Five-Twentyfive Design, whose office is opposite mine did the cover. Perhaps because she remembers I have got it on Audible (Icons passim; though between ourselves haven't got round to listening to it yet) she sent me a link to a BBC podcast Mattan: Injustice of a Hanged Man which is about the real-life Cardiff murder scandal upon which it is based.

I must listen to both before we go and see "Trouble in Butetown" at the Donmar.

Googling the title of the podcast I also came across this BBC article:
Safia Mohamed was amazed to discover that one of the last men hanged in Wales was a Somali like her. Most British Somalis arrived after 1990 and Safia never imagined they had been around for more than 100 years. The story of Mahmood Mattan, as she dug in to it, also told a bigger story about Somali sailors in the UK and the racial prejudice they faced.
It is a good and well illustrated and, while based around the Mattan case, also provides a general history of the Somalis in Cardiff.

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