Friday, February 10, 2023

Four Star Akbar!

One Who Wants to Cross review – nail-biting dread in a story of desperate migrants 

Well, that's handy. Four stars from the usually parsimonious Arifa Akbar in the Grauniard yesterday morning praising Alice Hamilton's first new production since co-directing with Peter last year. You can read the review by clicking the headline above. This is rather handy as I went to see it last night and agree in general with the piece so it saves me from having to write it up myself.

When I sent the review to Mia yesterday she said she already knew the two actors who perform the play as Ola Teniola and Wisdom Iheoma are recent Central graduates. Thus she already knows the cast and the director. Probably went to school with the stage manager (Royal Welsh doncha know) as well at this rate.

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