Monday, December 12, 2022

What Do You Think of it So Far? Rubbish!

The council rubbish collection will be on Thursday 29 December ether than the usual Tuesday as it is Christmas. I was popping some stuff in the paper and card blue-lidded wheelie bin that I keep in the front garden in the winter yesterday, when I noticed a black parcel in it. I live at 11 Xxxxxxx Road, and it was addressed to a girl with an Indian name who live round the corner at 11 Xxxxxxx Close. (I don't care of you have my address but I ain't giving out hers.)

I popped it round. We occasionally get each others mail but this was ridiculous. What was even more ridiculous is that she told me it was her father's Christmas present. What kind of lemon "delivers" a parcel into a waste bin? I could easily have missed it completely.

On the bright Christmas side the winter's first snow fell last night and I woke to a blanket thereof.

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