Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Ghosts of Princes in Towers

I took a screen shot of Prince Harry playing the guitar from the first Netflix trailer he and Meghan released. It looks to me as if he is aiming for A7 but his finger have slipped down a fret. 

Charitably it is a half diminished seventh chord topped with a fifth, but I am not sure that is what he was aiming at and does make a terrible racket.

I did it independently but I am not the only one who has raised a quizzical eyebrow. Take a look at this leg pull.

I remembered bass player Phil's story, from decades ago about Prince Edward being sent out to put a pound in the parking meter when he was doing a session. It was when Edward aspired to a showbiz career, and was learning the ropes at the Really Useful Theatre Company with Andrew Lloyd Webber?

I laughed at the time, but - on reflection - he comes well out of it. At least Eddie was there rolling up his sleeves and getting on with the matter at hand. Imagine asking Harry or - God help us Meghan - to do something like that! Instant proof of your racism.

I was telling Jone about Harry's guitar fail in the pub when we were watching the football and he pulled up the wonderful picture below on his phone of Boris Johnson "playing the guitar.

Public Service Announcement: A capo can be placed on the strings of a guitar so you can play a song in a different key. It pinches all the strings across a particular fret, essentially shortening the strings, raising each string by a semitone for each fret.  In the picture, BoJo's left hand is on the wrong side of the capo, making whatever chord he is threading utterly irrelevant.

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