Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Turkey Jerky

Last week's chicken (Icons passim) didn't go all that well in the dehendrifier truth be told. We think that perhaps so much water is injected in to supermarket chicken that when you dehydrate, it turns into shoe leather.

We're trying turkey this week. I dropped it round to Andy and Ollie yesterday, and I will pop round to taste after work today.

I noticed turkey strips in Waitrose when I was taking PG shopping on Sunday, so that is the meat. I marinated it overnight with dark soy, fish sauce, honey, sriracha, lemon juice, cracked black pepper and Taste Moroccan Rub

In the morning I drained it, arranged the strips flat on a plate and fridge dried it. We are also going to dehydrate for less time and at a lower temperature than we did with the chicken.

Finally, a new label is born - https://nickbrowne.coraider.com/search/label/Jerky

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