Saturday, May 08, 2021

Friday Night, Saturday Morning

Ben is working in East London as life begins so reopen, so he got off the Tube at the 'Wood on the way home yesterday and we had a couple of drinks in the Standard after work. With any luck this will become a regular thing.

Wimbledon Hot Yoga reopens Monday week, so with any luck we can restart the 8:30 Saturday morning session we were getting into there before the government brought the shutters down.

Further, neither of us have been to the dentist for a year. When everything came down, Ben had just finished more than six years of orthodontic treatment. It was Caroline, my dentist, who set him up with that in the first place when he was a boy. I ought to see about re-registering him with her at Ringley Park. That way we could both go together every six months.

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