Sunday, May 30, 2021

Westminster Cathedral, you're bringing me down

There is but one topic of conversation this morning among left-footers such as myself; how did the Prime Minister, who has now married three times, manage to have a wedding in a Catholic church?

Mr Johnson, I seem to recall, was baptised as a Catholic, but confirmed in the Anglican faith whilw he was an Eton. Covering his bets perhaps like Kate Bingham with COVID vaccines?

Two possibilities:

  • In order to marry in a Catholic church, Mr Johnson could have had his two previous marriages recognised as annulled.
  • Alternatively,  because he was baptised a Catholic, by not participating in Catholic ceremonies in his previous marriages, for which he would have required special dispensation from the Catholic church, those marriages would have "had a lack of canonical form" and could therefore be considered invalid.

Something to talk to mum about next Saturday if nothing else.

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