Saturday, June 27, 2020

Reading stabbings: Victims were 'true gentlemen'

In the aftermath of the stabbings in Reading a week ago tonight, Douglas Murray has said "the gay press, the mainstream press and gay lobbying organisations like Stonewall are primed for what would happen if a right-wing extremist killed people" but adds "they have no idea how to respond when something like Saturday night happens, so they just cover it over."

Referring to coverage of recent events by 'gay press', he says "they don't know what to do when a young Libyan asylum seeker allegedly stabs three gay men in Reading centre on a Saturday night".

I had no idea the victims were gay. Did you? Victims were 'true gentlemen' said the BBC; quite.

I always knew it would come to this (Icons passim). It gives me no satisfaction to be proved right 15 years later.

Have a couple of neologisms on me:
Islamophobiaphobic: the fear of being thought Islamophobic.
Homophobiaphobic: the fear of being thought homophobic.

The former is now higher up the totem pole in polite society than the latter.

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