Wednesday, June 10, 2020

If I fell downstairs

We have finished day 8 of the Decameron, so there are only 20 stories left. John, Helen and I have agreed we will move seamlessly on to the 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories next.

I have got very comfortable with listening to the 6 am news then saying "Alexa play the Decameron on Audible everywhere" and having a story play throughput the house as I go through my morning routine. Stephen Fry's Holmes readings will segue neatly. Chekhov next?

The speakers on the ground floor are in a group called "downstairs."

I am a huge Diana Krall fan, but I have been listening to her more than I would if "Alexa, Diana Krall downstairs" didn't consistently make we weep with laughter.

Conjuring up the Beatles with "If I fell downstairs" has been my favourite for the last couple of weeks though.

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