Wednesday, April 15, 2020

You gotta move

I have pretty much clicked into a lock down exercise routine of bike one day and kettle-bell the next.

As a rule I have been doing kettle-bell swings to move my anterior chain in the opposite direction to crouching over a bike.

Yesterday I thought I would try the Turkish Get-Up. I couldn't do it with the kettle-bell.  I tried again without the kettle-bell and found I couldn't do it at all. The lesson is that you have to drill motor skills. I have done one unloaded each side this morning. Watch this space.

It reminds me of something that struck me riding a real bike around the streets as opposed to a static exercise device. I think that the balance and control work done navigating fine turns very slowly (on the way from the road to the recreation ground for instance) may be as important as putting the hammer down.
You may be high
You may be low
You may be rich, child
You may be poor
But when the Lord get ready
You gotta move

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