Friday, June 24, 2016

Smile and grin at the change all around

Merton’s turnout for the referendum was 73.5%, that’s 100,207 people. The borough’s postal vote turnout was 87%. The results for Merton are as follows: Remain: 63,003 votes; Leave: 37,097 votes.
This means that Merton voted to remain in the EU.

I was in the minority who voted to leave, because although I accept that the EU initially fulfilled its mission to neutralise the ancient bellicosity of rival nations, I think that it then lost its way so badly that it has become, instead, an incubator hatching the beast it wanted to slay. I believe, for example, that the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement directly led to the Ukrainian revolution of February 2014, and hence to Russia's annexation of Crimea and further that the ECB's position over the terms for a Greek bailout made it a proxy for a German extortion racket.

KFC India is selling chicken in a box with a built-in phone charger. They're calling it "Watt-A-Box".The phone charger comes at no extra cost to customers when they buy the popular 5-in-1 meal. The meal costs 150 rupees (£1.50). The 6,100mA power bank is detachable, reusable and is reportedly big enough to fully charge two phones.

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