Tuesday, June 07, 2016

get your teeth into this

The Rutlish Raiders U15s beat the Hemel Stags 50-20 on Saturday. That was an important win, as it boosts us up to second in the table.

This Saturday we have got the Sussex Merlins at home. Win that and we are guaranteed a place in the play-offs, and the following week's game away at the North Herts Crusaders should be a show down that decides who comes second and who comes third.

Ben can't make that last game unfortunately as he has an inviolable dental appointment to get new braces fitted on his teeth. On a Saturday rather than a school day! It is almost as if someone thinks that health and education is more important that rugby.

U15 - West league table


Elmbridge Eagles87013709427615

Rutlish Raiders8440234214208

North Herts Crusaders8440158233-758

Sussex Merlins835018017916

Richmond Warriors8341170252-823

Hemel Stags8260136276-1400

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