Monday, June 27, 2016

Ain't nobody messing with the gang

Dom's report on the match against Bromley that I missed when I was in Cardiff:
With some of our more powerful players missing, it was good to welcome Bill back from injury and he had a great game as did the rest of the boys in the second half when we came from 26 - 0 behind to lose narrowly 46 - 36. Even by our usual slow starting standards, we had a poor start defensively and we were starved of the ball for good elements of the first half, however the second half was a different story as we started firing, running better lines in attack and offloading well to claw our way back into it. Unfortunately overall our defensive line was not functioning as well as it normally does but that is relatively easy to fix, so it was an encouraging performance against a good Bengals side.
The Rutlish U15s comprise the under fourteen cohort as well as the under fifteens. Ben says that Wesley, Saadiq and him where the only U15s on the pitch, so it is a good result in the circumstances. (Update: It has just struck me that Bill is an U15 as well, so Ben may have forgotten others in the text he sent me. I hope this revelation doesn't deliver even more downward pressure on the pound and the FTSE what with Brexit 'n'all.)

You can hear the voices of Rutlish and Bromley supporters on the sound track. They often disagree about what they are seeing but there is never any petulance in anyone's tone. I think it reflects well on all of them.

Also I realised as I was listening to the radio this morning that Marc's voice sounds exactly like the uncredited rapper that appears two minutes and twenty odd seconds into Tinie Tempah's Girls Like ft. Zara Larsson. Follow the link and tell me I'm not right -

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