Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fire stick

Mr D. says:
Why does Fire Stick not work with Prime Music? Every attempt at loading my library has failed...despite the party tricks (previous posts). It works on all my other third party devices!...just not yours!....😒

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HartWud says:
I had that problem initially, but -
Step 1: go to Settings and select Applications, then select Manage Installed Apps, then select Amazon Music and Force Stop then Clear Data,
Step 2: then disconnect power from your FiresStick (Restart is usually ok, but I needed to disconnect power too),
Step 3: wait a few secs, then reconnect power to the FireStick and it will restart and reload everything

- my playlists and everything now show up fine!
So do mine (see Icons passim). Thanks HartWud. I also added a new album to my library last night after I had done the Force Stop and Clear. It showed up on the Fire Stick in real time so this is a once and for all fix, which is a relief. The only caveat is that you can't manage your library on the Fire Stick. Adding music has to be done on a different device.

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