Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Emergency. Paging Dr Beat

I was back at the Antelope quiz last night for the first time in four weeks what with one thing and another. We drew for first place but only got the second prize of a £25 quid bar tab as Andrew got beaten in a rock, paper, scissors tie break.

We should really have won as I identified Dr Beat by Miami Sound Machine in the music round, but dropped a point when the stand-in quiz master would only accept Gloria Estafan as the artist. We were right and he was wrong. When I worked in Fluor there was a draughtsman in the control and instrumentation department who used to sing it all day long. It drove me nuts at the time, but the song has been in my bones ever since.

The team didn't win or even place at all while I was unavailable. There is an atavistic side to me that doesn't really mind.

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