Monday, January 26, 2015

Time To Get Together

And while I have got my rugby head on, the school year 10 team (featuring the year 9 Bomber) got a shut out on the England Rugby website for doing so well in the NatWest Cup. Ben told me that they made it further than any other state school.
But recognition is also due to a London comprehensive, The Rutlish, based in Merton, who reached the sixth round for the first time.
Though beaten 57-12 by Brighton College, Rutlish defeated some esteemed rugby schools in the earlier rounds, including a 21-17 win over Hampton and 5-0 victory over King’s College, Wimbledon.
Liam Shanahan, a former Scotland Under 18 player, is the coach who helped launch rugby properly only three years ago. “We are established now and the boys are enjoying the sport. They train and play mostly in their own time which shows how committed they are,” he said.

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