Thursday, January 15, 2015


I went to Virgin Active before work this morning, and found that a strange new structure of poles and rods had been assembled. I had no idea at all what exercises it could possibly support. It bore a logo that let me to and frankly I am not sure that I am convinced. I'll be surprised if Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgesen prepared for the Dawn Wall on it.


Queenax: the system that turns your space into a tool.

Queenax is designed to meet the problems and needs of space inside the clubs.
It is conceived further more to accommodate the new trends of training, such as
the suspension training and the functional training.
With Queenax the space around you becomes a tool: ceiling, floor and walls
become new partners for your training.

Queenax for Antigravity Training.

The ideal support to facilitate suspension activities; an easy and safe system
for training according to the principales of the current most popular activity.

Queenax for Functional Training.

A structure created to facilitate functional training: paths, equipe zones, and special stations.
The best solution for a different and funny training...

Queenax for 4D Training.

Fitting out your club with Queenax philosophy opens the doors to new training sceneries,
you will be able to interact with all the spaces around you.
Find out the endless possibilities of four dimension training.

Queenax to stimulate your imagination.

Are you a creative trainer, or do you want to give way to your ideas?
Queenax is the right solution for you: an advanced structure that gives rise to new
and exiting training solutions.

Queenax to multiply your space.

The only system in the world with patented technology
that multiplies the space available within your room.

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