Thursday, January 22, 2015

Royal Commend Performance

Graduates and stars of the Royal Court Theatre, 1969. Standing (left to right): David Cregan, playwright; Jack Shephard, actor; Sir Laurence Olivier; Anthony Page; John Osborne. Seated: Christopher Hampton, resident dramatist; Joan Plowright; Peter Gill, Jill Bennett, Victor Henry (Jimmy Porter in the revival of Look Back in Anger), Edward Bond. On Floor: Kenneth Haigh, the original Jimmy Porter.
We got a "Drama Commendation" letter from the school earlier this week; a five star review for the Bomber.
I wish to take this opportunity to commend your son for his hard work and continued success in Drama. To date, he has demonstrated discipline, dedication and commitment, and has consequently produced work of an exceptionally high standard!
You could have k'd me d with an f. I would have thought that a "Drama Condemnation" letter would be more his style. Couple that with the fact that I am meeting someone in Sloane Square this evening, so the Royal Court bar seems like a good venue, and Peter Gill, the only relative I know in the theatre dodge has sprung to mind. The image above has disappeared from the original post I made of it, and thus I present it again for your viewing pleasure.

À propos, he directed Rosamund Pike in Gaslight at the Old Vic in 2007, and this year she has bagged best actress Oscar nod this year; exalted company.
Are you Theatre?
Whenever I carry my spearta the theatre, to do Hamlet,
I ask it this question.
It says nothing.
Except, 'I don't know.
Ask Vanessa Redgrave!'
But I don't know Vanessa Redgrave!
And neither do you, Theatre.
Or do you?
As Rik Mayall shrewdly observed.

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