Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A refund is due on your account

On June 8, 2007 I wrote:
Can you even conceive dear reader of someone so monumentally stupid that he could address a cashpoint machine, slide in his card, tap out his PIN, order £100, retrieve and trouser said card, and then stride away intent on collecting his offspring from school, leaving the hundred uncollected, limp and flaccid in the slot whence it issued?
A letter arrived from the bank yesterday:
Sainsbury's Bank has recently contacted Barclays about an issue they have experienced regarding some transactions undertaken at their ATMs.
It appears, on the 07/06/2007 the full amount of cash requested wasn't received, even though yur account was debited in full by £100.00.
Your account wasn't automatically refunded at the time and Sainsbury's Bank have advised Barclays to credit your account with £11824. This credit reflects the refund, and also includes a an interest payment (compound interest at 2.84%) to reflect the compensation had the funds been in a Savings account from the time the transaction occurred.
Well  I never.

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